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Ballistics Testing

Ballistics Bench Mark Testing

Ballistics Bench Mark Testing is used to establish the status of your product based on its current ballistic resistance as measured against recognised international standards (see details).

If your current or new product/sample is in the research, design or development phase, it may require a series of ballistic resistance tests in order to establish its performance parameters. Our staff can assist you by preparing and implementing an efficient and cost effective Bench Mark Testing Plan. Our multi-calibre Bench Mark testing procedure will establish the exact level of ballistic resistance your product/sample is capable of. This will enable customers to refine and further develop products/materials in preparation for actual Ballistic Standard Testing which will be carried out when the customer is satisfied with Bench Mark Testing results.

Customers are welcome to use our standard Bench Mark Testing Plans or we can custom design plans to suit customer’s individual requirements. For further information and a quotation please contact us.

Standard Bench Mark Testing Plan


  • 9 mm parabellum (124 grain FMJ)
  • .357 Magnum (158 grain JSP)
  • .44 Magnum (240 grain JSP)


  • 5.56 x 45 mm NATO (M193 55 grain FMJ)
  • 7.62 x 51 mm NATO (M80 147 grain FMJ)


  • 12 Gauge 2 3/4 inch 00 Buck Shot/SG
  • 12 Gauge 2 3/4 inch 382 gr Slug

Standard Bench Mark Test Parameters :

  • Test with 3 handgun, 2 rifle and 2 shotgun calibres
  • Tests performed on 3 test samples
  • Sample size: minimum of 500 x 500 mm
  • Strike pattern: 3 shots within a 100 mm triangle pattern for each calibre (3 individual 3 shot / 100 mm triangle patterns)
  • Impact Angle (degrees): 0º

Witness sheets: Cartridge paper (110 gsm) or Aluminium sheet placed 450mm behind the test sample to determine penetration or spall characteristics.

Custom Bench Mark Testing Plans

Our Custom Bench Mark Testing Plans are developed in consultation with the customer. Available test calibres include commonly used handgun, sub-machinegun, rifle, shotgun and heavy machinegun rounds (including 50 BMG and 14.5 x114) with most commercially available military and civilian projectiles. We are also to provide fragment simulator testing up to and including 20mm.

Custom Bench Mark Test Parameters:

  • Commercially available military and civilian handgun, sub-machinegun, rifle, shotgun, heavy machinegun or fragment simulator rounds.
  • Tests can be carried out on any number of test samples.
  • Sample sizes: From a minimum of 500 x 500 mm to a maximum of > 2000 x 3000mm.
  • Impact Angle (degrees): can be adjusted to suit customer or test requirements.

Safety Parameter Testing and Testing to Failure

Safety Parameter Testing and Testing to Failure are available to customers who require accurate information for the purpose of establishing of Safety Parameters or other commercial purposes. Samples are shot with multiple rounds of a specified calibre within a defined hit zone until the sample fails by allowing complete penetration of a projectile or fragment. Details of the test will be accurately recorded and a report provided. Tests can also be photographed and or video recorded in accordance with customer requirements. Testing Reports are in Adobe® PDF file format, Photographs are in jpg image format, and Video is in Windows® Media Player format.

Sample Mounting/Fixing and Conditioning

All test samples are conditioned, fixed and mounted in strict accordance with the criteria set down in the relevant international standards.

At AAI Pty Ltd we offer an in house custom engineering service though our parent company DVR Engineering Pty Ltd (see link) . We can fabricate custom mounting systems and jigs to simulate operational or field conditions in accordance with our customers’ requirements, in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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